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Diane Knight

Diane Knight

Diane Knight was born in Canada and spent her childhood moving every few years with the Canadian Armed Forces.  Her family lived in numerous cities across Canada as well as spending 4 years in France.  It was in France where she became enthralled with European architecture & culture and started painting street scenes on small canvas boards to decorate her bedroom.  She neglected her painting for many years as she delved into building a career in the oil & gas business in Calgary, Alberta.  Her 28 year business career was spent primarily in a marketing role which allowed her to travel extensively in the United States and Canada.

Diane lost her husband to cancer in 1982 and turned back to painting to work through her pain and capture her memories before they slipped away.  She spent hours looking over photographs of their travels and transforming those memories into watercolor paintings.  Diane started painting in acrylics in the last decade to achieve the intensity and freshness of color that you find in her work today.

She met her new husband, Vic Kirby, in 1994.  They honeymooned in Mexico in 1996 and two years later bought their first home in Mexico in San Jose del Cabo, B.C.S.  Their shared love of art and the desire to become part of a lively artistic community brought them to Todos Santos in 2004.

Diane’s recent works are mostly of their travels within Mexico and reflect her love of the vibrancy found in the Spanish influenced architecture and culture.  With her paintings, Diane strives to create the feeling for the viewer to be able to enter and become a part of the scene.  She is living her dream and paints full time in her studios in Todos Santos and the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

Diane is a member of the Leighton Foundation and the Federation of Canadian Artists.  She completed 4 years of study in the Visual Arts and has taken workshops with David Langevin, Michael O’Toole and Mike Svob,  recognized as some of the most noteworthy artists in Western Canada.  Prior to moving to Todos Santos, Diane led week long workshops in San Jose del Cabo, drawing on her business experience in organizing and running events.  Her work has been displayed in galleries in Calgary, Bragg Creek, Courtenay and Comox in Canada, and San Jose del Cabo and Todos Santos in Mexico.

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