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After Odile – The Birds are Back

October 5, 2014

I was at an art retreat when we finally received news of the damage to our home and property in our lovely town of Todos Santos in southern Baja.  A week before, Hurricane Odile, clocking in winds up to 200 mph, struck just before midnight raping and pillaging southern Baja for what seemed like an eternity.  People woke to a whole new landscape, mostly devoid of the beautiful tall tropical trees and vegetation.  I also received news that the military had been sent in to bring much needed supplies and help the locals start cleaning up the huge mess left behind.  The week waiting to hear some news brought overwhelming worry and sleeplessness and I was struggling to bring inspiration to the painting I had brought to work on.  Instead what came out of me was my first abstract painting and when I stepped back to make sense of it, I saw the birds.  When the birds come back, you know the heart and soul of the place is coming back, bringing with them a renewed light and energy to every morning.  I just knew everything was going to be okay.

After Odile - The Birds are Back

After Odile – The Birds are Back


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