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Shoe Art 10 – Leopard print

September 1, 2017

This painting was inspired by a dear friend who sent me a couple of photos from her trip to Hawaii.  She said “everything is leopard print”, it is so hot right now.  So I changed what I had planned to do and decided leopard print was it.  Added the little dress as a design feature.

Shoe Art 10 – Leopard print

Shoe Art 10 – Leopard print

Shoe Art 9– Butterfly & netting

August 31, 2017

Love at first sight! I have to say, this is probably more of a fantasy shoe, however I do have a couple of friends in Mexico who could definitely pull this off.  I don’t know about you but I just can’t stop looking at it.

Shoe Art 9 - Butterfly & netting

Shoe Art 9 – Butterfly & netting

Shoe Art – 8: Gold Ankle Boots

August 27, 2017

I think these glorious ankle boots would complement any outfit, from jeans to haute couture. Love the cork look of the heel and the brocade filigree. Screams elegance!!


Gold Ankle Boot

Gold Ankle Boot

Shoe Art – 7

August 10, 2017

I want these shoes!  Love the retro look.  I can just imagine all the fun outfits I could put together to wear with them.

Shoe Art - 7

Shoe Art – 7

Shoe Art 6 ( Cowboy Boots)

July 25, 2017

Was this ever fun to paint.  I loved it from beginning to end.  37 years in Calgary, Alberta and 17 years in the Baja, Mexico came together in these “I need to have” cowboy boots!!

Shoe Art 6 ( Cowboy Boots)

Shoe Art 6 ( Cowboy Boots)

Shoe Art 5 – “Green Shoes”

June 27, 2017

Next in my shoe series. Love the feather like textures in this pair. And the purple bow. Who doesn’t love a big purple bow!!

Shoe Art 5 - "Green Shoes"

Shoe Art 5 – “Green Shoes”

Shoe Art 4

June 8, 2017

Everything about this pair of shoes peaked my interest.  Love the shape, skin and well, the heels.  My goodness, what a smashing heel.  Screams sophistication.

Shoe Art 4

Shoe Art 4